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Accurate Surveys of Eastern Ontario Property & Utilities

Residential Surveys

Buying or selling a house in Eastern Ontario? This will be the biggest single expenditure most people will make in their lives. A plan prepared by AOV will assist in a confident and comfortable real estate transaction. Our up-to-date survey shows:

  • Boundaries of the property
  • Location of structures & relationship to the boundaries
  • Location of all rights-of-way & easements, both registered & apparent on the ground
  • Location of all encroachments onto & off of the property

Utility Surveys

AOV provides utility surface and subsurface layout services to existing utility companies to ensure their utility is set where intended. All field layout begins with an in-office review of the existing design plans. Plans are reviewed and proposed, and positioning is determined digitally using state-of-the-art software. Data is then uploaded into state-of-the-art field equipment, ensuring seamless integration of both office and field technologies. Construction layout tasks are supported with hard copy plots as well as digital information upon request.

Please contact one of our offices in your area to discuss and schedule your survey in Eastern Ontario.

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